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Course description

It's time to Unleash The Warrior within you. 

I don't know if you feel it but there is a war simmering and it's been brewing for a long time. 

It's not just happening outside of you, it's happening within you.

You're teetering between forward movement and frustration because there is something missing. 

During this Free Mini- Course you will: 

1. Get real with fear and have a firm conversation with your imposter syndrome (because you've got lives to change). 

2. Get more clarity around your life's purpose and redefine how you want to show up in the world (because you've been lacking in the focus department). 

3. Get closer than you've ever been to embodying your higher self. She's in there and waiting on you to let her run the show. 

4. Learn how to live your life courageously so that you become unstoppable! 

I'm preparing you for a war against fear so that you can stop the self-sabotage and show the hell up for your self. 

You have lives to save but first, you have to start with your own. 

Sign up today! 

We get started on 1/31/2018. 

Je Tuan  Jones
Je Tuan Jones
Spiritual Life Coach & Intuitive Tarot Reader

Hi! I’m Je Tuan Jones and I’m so glad you’re here.

I am a Goddess Mentor, Master Reiki Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Medium, Intuitive Tarot Reader, author, and more.

I walk confidently in my gifts and it’s my desire to help other Goddesses do the same.


I’m a multiple rape survivor, I was born in poverty, and I’ve been diagnosed with chronic depression and an anxiety disorder. Yes, I’m still here! I’m living proof that you can make it and that life’s worth fighting for. Circumstances will change once you change. I am nurturing with my clients but I do expect excellence because that’s what Goddesses are capable of.

All spaces with me are a no guilt zone and a no blame zone. Which means we look at our own behavior (and no one else’s) without judging it. Blame and guilt only holds us back and I’m sure you know from personal experience that they’re unproductive emotions. I’m all about forward movement and progress!

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